Payment solution for special & high-risk activities

OVRI specializes in the high-risk sector and is the ideal partner for your company!

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Payment high risk

OVRI is a payment solution operating in the high-risk sector as an ISO. for brands in the Visa and Mastercard networks. Thanks to its direct relationship with the systems, OVRI is able to support all activities that deserve to be supported...

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Supported activities .

We work with complete transparency and are aware of the issues involved in accepting particular activities, such as the high-risk sector, so we can tell you up front what we can accept under certain conditions.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the types of high-risk companies we can support. To open a payment account, you will need to contact our sales department to tailor an offer to your high-risk situation.

If you operate in a risk area other than those listed, please contact us to check whether an appropriate solution is possible.

Under certain conditions:

No need to hide. Work with confidence.

We maintain competitive prices for the high-risk sector, generally on interchange and from IC++1% without ever exceeding 6%. Your current monthly turnover, your chargeback rate and your reimbursement rate necessarily determine our pricing.

It’s important to understand that a high-risk activity implies a significant risk for OVRI, as well as obligations with the networks as part of the declaration of your activity, and that this has a direct impact. This is why a high-risk activity cannot benefit from similar pricing to activities recognized as low-risk…

Some high-risk activities require integration into special programs run by networks such as VISA and MASTERCARD. This does not prevent you from doing so, but it may condition your acceptance.

Our payment offer high risk

Gateway and payment processor

Main condition: Minimum monthly card sales 10,000 euros


Fair pricing

From IC+1% to IC+6% maximum, depending on the high-risk sector and the company. (to negotiate)



Even if your business is special, payments are made daily (D+1) to your bank account.


Set-up fee

500 € HT , to cover specific VISA & MASTERCARD opening fees, (Except crypto €500 excl. VAT per month)

billing descriptor

Dedicated descriptor

Display your site name directly on your customers' bank statements, reducing chargebacks


Customized MCC

Adapt the sector category with VISA & MASTERCARD to comply with the rules and work for the long term.


Rolling reserve

Non-systematic , (0 to 5% for 180 days) or departure deposit - Depending on your background.

Get started in 48 hours!

Never before has a high-risk payment solution been so easy to implement for special events …