Cards . Transfers . Direct debits . Dedicated iban & and more !

The first payment gateway accessible to all, which concentrates and automates all your payment flows, boosting your profitability ...

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Payment solutions

Ovri adapts to your operations, whether you need to collect by credit card, direct debit, receive a bank transfer or simply use a technical gateway.

Optimized acceptance

With OVRI, you can increase your conversion rate (+20%) and boost your sales.

Economical & tapering

Reduce your operating costs to generate higher sales margins. OVRI offers rates based on community flow, so you'll gain from the exchange.

Instant opening with dedicated Iban (multi-country)

In just a few minutes, your account is opened instantly, enabling you to accept all types of online payments and even receive transfers to your dedicated ibans and carry out SDD direct debit transactions.

Special activities (High risk) ?

You consider your business to be “special” and therefore in need of further examination before being accepted. As each case is unique, we invite you to contact our risk department or consult our high-risk offer.

Adaptive payment platform using artificial intelligence

Tailor payments to customer behavior .

OVRI uses Data Mining and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies to define the best solutions to display to your end customer! Whether it’s a question of security or a desire for change, we adapt our pages and payment methods to your customers’ needs, so that you can boost your conversion rate!

Free payment modules !

Solution de paiement OVRI avec Shopify
Passerelle de paiement pour wordpress et woocommerce
Plateforme de paiement pour opencart
système de paiement pour wordpress
Paiment avec ovri et magento
Gateway pour whatsapp
Processeur de paiement pour bigcommerce
Solution de paiement Ovri avec Telegram

No more lost sales . a complete payment solution .

Multi-channel payment platform

Cards : Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Electron, Maestro, Eurocard, Vpay, CB
Sepa SCT : Incoming transfer
Sepa SDD : Direct debit

Recurring payment solution

Manage the registration, collection and reconciliation of subscriptions via multiple channels, card or direct debit.

Payment in x instalments

Offering your customers payment facilities is essential, and with OVRI you can manage your entire acceptance chain at no extra cost.

Mail & Sms payments

You don’t have an eCommerce site, and would like to accept remote payments by sending requests by e-mail or SMS.

Payment terminal POS

Install the OVRI Terminal application on your mobile terminal, to accept face-to-face payments without complexity. You can also use the web interface in Mo & To mode.

Payment initiation solution

Would your customers like to make an instant bank transfer payment? Use our Open Banking solution to initiate the transaction in real time, avoiding high card transaction fees and unpaid invoices.

Direct debit Sepa solution

You want to set up recurring direct debit authorizations by debiting the customer’s bank account directly without a credit card in all European countries.

{{ Api }} 3.0

Realize your payment processing technology ambitions with our robust, powerful and instant {{3.0}} APIs.

Take advantage of OVRI full range of technologies at a lower cost! No surprises, just clarity...

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, you can all act as equals and benefit from the tools of the largest multinationals, without having to bear the financial burden of the various intermediation referents. Ovri is a solution built on a community financial flow!

Simple Payment

Intuitive payment collection

Recurring payment

Subscription payment management

Payment nTime

2,3 and 4x payment management

bnpl financing

Offer financing in 3, 4 or 10 instalments *.

Financing +60 d

Offer deferred financing from 30 to 60 days *.

3Dsecure & SACS

Manage 3DSecure and anti-fraud filters


Receive your funds the day after your sale

API Server/Server

Create and develop your own ideas


Develop your card print cinematics