MoneyTigo Online Credit Card Payment Solution and Gateway

Gateway / Online Payment Solution Provider (PSP)

More than just an online credit card payment provider !

A unique credit card payment solution that combines a merchant account, payment gateway, shipping manager as well as a financial management platform featuring an advanced cash management system. With our online payment solution, you can manage your funds instantly and independently. MoneyTigo is more than just a payment service provider, it is a financial empowerment tool. Our payment solution is used in a detached way so that you don't need to change banks.

An innovative credit card payment solution

Payment gateway with advanced financial management

Grow your business with our unique payment solutions!

Are you a sole trader, a small or large company, an administration or an association? In France or anywhere else in Europe? Then we will accompany you in a simple and objective way to be your best asset in your quest for excellence!

Your sales performance at a glance

A payment solution that puts you on the road to success!

At every crucial moment, make the right decisions with strategic information about your business...

You will know the distribution of your sales in each country of the world, your acceptance rate, as well as the most efficient payment methods according to your activity. As for your customers, you will discover their profile according to their preferences and performance. A maximum of information is given to you so that you can direct your marketing in the right directions!

Enjoy an unparalleled payment experience.

An innovative and secure payment gateway

An API designed for everyone and easily installable while being customizable. MoneyTigo payment solution integrates seamlessly with your current operation. The payment form can be integrated in different ways, for example:
  • With customer redirection
  • By integrating an iFrame
  • Using our SDK for Application (InApp)
  • By use of our 3D technology system (InApp & InSite)
To simplify the technical knowledge our technology integrates the auto-detection of your customers' information so that the installation of our payment gateway is very easy.

A beautiful and impressive payment page
Powerful and easy to use Api
Host your payment page directly on your website
Integration in the simplest way
Optimized transaction history
Create sub-accounts for your team
Export your transactions in one click in excel and csv format
Sort through your transactions in record time

A payment service provider that thinks about your accounting!

A happy accountant is a guarantee of productivity!

Create a special accounting sub-account. Filter your transactions with precise reports, export your transactions in several formats according to the periods you wish and with a possible history over five years. Reconcile a maximum of information in order to have an accounting management worthy of your organization. Don't limit yourself to a simple payment service provider but become a true payment and management gateway!

Objective and consistent, that's the MoneyTigo payment solution!

la solution de paiement en ligne MoneyTigo est avant tout un prestataire de services de paiement (PSP) (Passerelle de paiement)

This is not a slogan, but a reality. MoneyTigo online payment solution is primarily a payment service provider (PSP) (Payment Gateway). MoneyTigo was created by entrepreneurs who have reached a certain sufficiency with existing solutions that are either out of step or even contradictory to the business they think or claim to support. MoneyTigo does not target anyone in particular, no box or quantitative evaluation, our advanced cash management solution is open to all and without exception! We will not change! Yes, we are growing, but so are you. But is it a good reason to change anything between you and us?

A powerful payment solution to boost your business.

Instant Merchant Account

There is no need to change banks, as our online payment solution also includes the distance selling contract. You don’t have to do a thing and you’ll be ready immediately after you sign up. The opening is instantaneous and takes only a few minutes!

Vendor payment platform

The collection is good, but to be able to pay directly its suppliers, employees and other third parties essential to its business instantly is even better and now MoneyTigo offers it and without charge!

Optimized Acquisition

A large network of bank card acceptance such as visa, mastercard, maestro, carte bleue, amex, american express and many others…
Visa credit card with moneytigo payment solution
Mastercard credit card with moneytigo payment solution
Maestro credit card with moneytigo payment solution
Visa ELECTRON credit card with moneytigo payment solution
Jcb credit card with moneytigo payment solution
Amex american express credit card with moneytigo payment solution
CB Carte bleue credit card with moneytigo payment solution

Shipping Management Platform

Create shipping labels directly online with most of our shipping contracts. Benefit from the lowest rates on the market with our partners Dhl, Chronopost, Dpd, Correos, Ups…

Optimized And Smart Payment

Offer your customers secure and reassuring payment interfaces. 25 seconds is the average time it takes a moneytigo user to make a payment. Your customer will not wonder and your conversion rate will always be on the rise. With our secure payment solution, your business will be boosted.

Support Available 7/24

If you have any questions or problems, you can chat live with our support team. We answer every day.
Magento 1 & Magento 2, WordPress, Woocommerce, Prestashop 1.4 à 1.7, OpenCart, VirtueMart, Shopify, Ecwid, Wixx

Plug and play payment services

Payment gateway adapted to the CMS and connectable!

MoneyTigo online payment solution is compatible with all major existing CMS systems such as Magento, WordPress, Woocommerce, Prestashop, OpenCart, VirtueMart, Shopify, Ecwid, Wixx and many more. We develop for you free of charge always the necessary connection with your current system, so do not hesitate to discuss with an expert about our online payment service and we will do everything to satisfy you without any additional cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions for which you will find answers

MoneyTigo has opted for pay-per-use which means that you start getting charged the moment you make an actual sale, and when you don’t sell you stop paying.
Yes indeed, MoneyTigo for associations of general interest, humanitarian or advocacy of certain causes offers the use of the service up to 3000 euros of monthly collection without charge. Beyond this limit, a basic fee of 0.9% will apply. For the application of this rate, please contact our commercial agents.

Yes, the pricing of important activities can be adapted and it is advisable to contact the sales department.

A large circle of acceptance is already supported natively and this without you having to sign an electronic payment contract. Bank cards such as visa, mastercard, carte bleue, amex, americain express, jcb, visa électron or maestro are supported.
Yes some risky activities are accepted you can view the list of risky activities supported by moneytigo by clicking here.

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