Ovri - Solution de paiement en ligne

All-in payment solution, pay-as-you-go, with no set-up fees or commitments

Accepting online payments has never been easier with OVRI's payment solution, so focus on your ideas and your business and OVRI will take care of the rest...

Payment Solution

Annual sales < 150 000 €
From 1,29 %
  • No installation fees
  • No monthly subscription
  • 100% digital opening
  • Daily payout d+1
  • Cards, bank transfers, direct debits
  • FR dedicated Iban

Payment Solution

Annual sales > 150 000 €
From 0,79 %
  • Features in addition to Starter
  • 3DSecure disengageable & disableable
  • Mo/To virtual payment terminal
  • Team management & accounting
  • Direct payment by api server/server
  • Descriptor & dedicated Mcc
19€ / Month

Payment Solution

Annual sales > 5 000 000€
Contact us
  • Features in addition to Advanced
  • Interchange + pricing
  • Multi-business/activity
  • Firewall and transactional routing
  • Cashback management & automation
  • 100% Custom front & back

Special or high-risk activities? see Ovri.HighRisk special offer

  • European personal credit and debit cards

    Starter : 1,29 %
    Advanced : 0,79 %
    Enterprise : Contact us

    Payment received from a personal debit or credit card issued by a European institution in EUR currency.

  • Business European credit and debit cards

    Starter : 1,9 %
    Advanced : 1,7 %
    Enterprise : Contact us

    Payment received from a business debit or credit card issued by a European institution in EUR currency.

  • International credit or debit cards

    Star & Adv : 2,5 %
    Enterprise : Contact us

    Payment received from a debit or credit card issued by an institution located outside Europe or in a currency other than the euro

  • AMEX credit or debit cards

    Star & Adv : 2,9 %
    Enterprise : Contact us

    Payment by AMEX or American Express credit or debit card

  • 3D Secure authentication


    Get the 3DSecure guarantee to avoid unpaid transactions due to "lost or stolen cards".

  • Incoming Sepa SCT transfer

    0,49 %

    Receive bank transfers thanks to the dedicated iban at your disposal

  • Incoming Sepa SDD *

    0,49 %

    Charge your customers directly from their European bank account and save on card transaction fees

  • Currency conversion

    + 1,99 %

    Collect payments from your customers in their own currency, then automatically receive the funds in euros. (For payments outside the euro).

  • Firewall and transactional routing

    + 0,10 €

    Make your business as secure as possible with our firewall and routing tools. (reduce fraud and increase acceptance rates).

  • Ovri Electronic Billing

    + 0,3% (max 2 €)

    Provide your customer with a certified electronic invoice after payment

  • POS collection (Mo/To) *

    + 0,30 %

    Collect payments by telephone or mail without the customer being present

  • Ovri Chargeback Protect *

    + 0,40 %

    Protect your business from the unpredictability of litigation. With Ovri.ChargebackProtect, OVRI covers the disputed amount and all related costs, without you having to provide any proof.

  • Daily payout J+1 Standard *

    0,2 % + 1,50 €

    Receive the balance of your payment account daily in your business bank account via a standard SCT transfer (48/72-hour reception).

  • Instant express payout *

    0,5 % + 1,50 €

    Receive your payment account balance every day in your business bank account via an instant SCT transfer. (receipt within 5 minutes)

  • Payout 7d, 15d, 30d

    1,00 €

    You prefer to receive your funds over longer periods than standard or instant payments

  • Technical costs per incoming payment transaction

    + 0,25 €

    Each transaction is subject to a rate, but a technical commission is also applied to remunerate the intermediaries involved in its execution.

  • Disengage 3DSecure & Accept non-3Dsecure transactions *

    + 0.3 %

    Sell more by allowing your customers to pay, even if 3DSecure identification fails.

  • Fully customizable recurring payment


    Set up recurring payments such as subscriptions by configuring your entire kinematics.

  • Payment in instalments


    Accept instalment payments and boost your sales

  • Direct server-to-server API payment (PCI)


    Customize the entire payment process directly from your servers. Subject to valid PCI DSS certification.

  • OVRI CMS payment modules


    Payment modules created by OVRI to quickly interface the payment solution with CMS: (Prestashop, Magento, WordPress, Shopify, Woocommerce...)

* Subject to acceptance and activation of the option by OVRI.
**Rates are expressed in euros or as a percentage exclusive of tax, and may vary according to your business sector and account profile.