MoneyTigo Online Credit Card Payment Solution and Gateway

Accept credit card payments with OVRI Banking payment solution without changing banks with instant merchant account opening

Robust payment gateway

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By accepting credit card payments online with Moneytigo, you're giving your customers the best shopping experience possible. You'll benefit from improved conversion and therefore an increase in your revenue. The MoneyTigo online payment solution offers you all the technological flexibility and leaves you with only your imagination as the limit!

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Clever payment gateway

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True technological innovation synonymous with the Swiss Army knife!

We are able to handle all possible payment systems, we have an in-depth knowledge of the requirements of European merchants, and if we don't have what you are looking for, ask us, we will build it for you...

  • Cash payment
  • Payment in installments
  • Recurring payment
  • Subscription payment
  • Payment by mail and sms
  • QrCode payment generator
  • OneClick payment
  • Virtual payment terminal
  • Mail to order (MO/TO)
  • Rest full Api

Payment gateway dedicated to your security and that of your customers!

PCI DSS and DSP2 certification

Built on a state-of-the-art cluster infrastructure, even in the most critical moments, our solution is self-sufficient and holds the highest certifications in force!

Simplified payment management ++

A clean and intuitive dashboard, unique in its category. You will be able to manage your activity in an efficient way without wasting time. In the same environment, you will be able to manage your team, your payments and your shipments.

Your money is safe

Your funds will be systematically deposited independently in a dedicated account with a European credit institution, so your funds are safe and you take no risk.

European Tax Compliance

Print in real time the account statements and your invoices in the European tax standard, so your different administrations will not ask you any questions! You can even make personalized exports with powerful filters that will be useful in case of control by the tax authorities! Think about it, it is always a security…

You have several activities?

You will be able to obtain instantly as many merchant accounts as you have sites, from a single payment account you will be able to manage all your activity, each of your activities will benefit from a specific and adapted pricing!

Powerful API simplified

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will be able to integrate simple and complex processes without needing any special skills. Whether your requirements are basic or advanced, our API will meet all your expectations!

Payment solution with true integrated team management

Employee sub-account

Autonomy for your employee, without allowing him/her to perform critical actions or to have access to information that you consider confidential. This sub-account will allow credit card payments.

Webmaster / developer

Allow your web administrator to have access only to the technical aspect of your payment contract (new website, contract configuration), without ever having visibility to the other information in your account.

Accountant / Financial

Access to your account statements, CSV/XLS export and MoneyTigo invoices. This is very useful to avoid wasting time and allow your financial manager to work autonomously.

Our various payment APIs will allow you to manage your entire payment flow remotely.

Initialization Api

With the payment initiation api, you will be able to pre-generate tokens for online payment or even for payment requests by email, sms, QrCode or for your app. From this object, you will be able to manage what we call payment request generation and it can be of any type!

Management Api

You want to use your own tools to manage your MoneyTigo account, it is possible and you can even do without the dashboard especially since our APIs allow you to integrate all the information contained in your account directly on your applications! You can even create your own services ...

Advanced management api

This is one grade above the simple management api, the advanced management api allows you to perform what we call sensitive operations, this concerns all actions that are irreversible or subject to impact on your funds, such as refunds, cancellations, overcharges, creation of sub-accounts and any other sensitive actions.

Management Api financing

It is an api specially created to manage financing in several times or subscriptions (recurring payment), you will be able to consult and manage files at the same time. Depending on the type of file (financing, you will manage the regularity of the file), or (recurring) you will manage the status, the representation or the forcing of the payment.

Works with most online store systems (CMS) for free!

Payment gateway for magento 1 and magento 2
Payment gateway for opencart
Payment gateway for shopify
Payment gateway for WIX Commerce
Payment gateway for wordpress and woocommerce
Payment gateway for OsCommerce
Payment gateway for Drupal Commerce
Payment gateway for Nop Commerce
Payment gateway for Prestashop
Payment gateway for Jigoshop
Payment gateway for xcart
Payment gateway for zencart
Payment gateway for ubercart
Payment gateway for cscart
A fantastic payment api full of secrecy

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