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Terms of Use of OVRI Online Credit Card Payment Solution (TOS)

TOS - Terms and Conditions of Use

Last updated March 24, 2021


The person using the solution made available by IPS Internationnal, hereinafter referred to as the “Customer” ;

The company IPS Internationnal SAS, a simplified joint stock company, whose registered office is located at 10 rue de Penthièvre, 75008 Paris – France and registered in the Paris Register of Commerce and Companies under the registration number 887 883 536.

IPS Internationnal SAS is the owner and manager of the website as well as of all websites and applications that refer to IPS Internationnal.

It is hereinafter referred to as “IPS Payment” or “IPS” or “IPS Internationnal” or “IPS-Payment” or “MoneyTigo”.

IPS INTERNATIONNAL is an electronic money distributor agent of the electronic money institution “W-HA approved by the ACPR (Banque de France) under the number CIB 14738” for which by accepting the present you accept the special conditions of the money institution available and downloadable by clicking here. IPS INTERNATIONNAL is therefore authorized to process electronic money for all entities registered in one of the member states of the European Union.

IPS INTERNATIONNAL also holds an MSB (M21597483) and ESM license from the CANADIAN authority (CANAFE) and is authorized to process electronic money for CANADIAN entities.

IPS INTERNATIONNAL also holds with Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe, a financial guarantee valid under Article R-519-17 of the Monetary and Financial Code) under contract No. 33761A00, the last renewal of this coverage was made. On March 24, 2021 for a new period of validity until February 28, 2022, at the end an extension will be automatically applied.

IPS INTERNATIONNAL also holds with Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe, a financial insurance valid under Article L.519-3-4 and R 519-16 of the Monetary and Financial Code) under contract No. 33761A00 up to 500,000 Euros, the last renewal of this coverage was made. On March 24, 2021 for a new period of validity until February 28, 2022, at the end an extension will be automatically applied.

Any Client browsing the website or applications of IPS Payment / MoneyTigo, must ensure to read carefully and regularly these General Conditions of Use “GCU”.

By checking the box “I have read and accept these Terms and Conditions” in the registration form for IPS Payment / MoneyTigo, the Customer expressly indicates that he/she has carefully read and understood the Terms and Conditions in force on the day of reading and accepts them in full.

The opening of an account constitutes an electronic signature of these GTC, i.e. a “digital signature” of the payment service framework contract.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the Customer confirms his acceptance of the rules of the bank card networks.

The Customer may at any time consult them, reproduce them, store them on his computer or on another durable medium, send them to himself by e-mail or print them out on paper so that he can keep them. He can also obtain a copy by mail free of charge at his address upon request to IPS Payment/MoneyTigo, as well as the information and conditions provided for in Article 6 of the Order of July 29, 2009 (information provided prior to the execution of an isolated payment transaction).

IPS Payment/MoneyTigo and the EME are entitled to modify these terms and conditions at any time. In the event of a significant change to the T&Cs or a change to the price list, the new T&Cs will come into effect two (2) months after their publication, and a concomitant notification will be sent by email to the Customer (email address that the Customer will have indicated to IPS Payment and EME during registration). The Customer has a period of one (1) month from the notification to terminate the contract, free of charge. If the Customer does not terminate the contract within this period, the Customer shall be deemed to have accepted the amended General Terms and Conditions, unless he/she has notified IPS Payment / MoneyTigo that he/she does not accept them before the proposed date of entry into force of the amendments.

The Customer is informed that the General Terms and Conditions of the EME and any other party to this contract will be communicated to and finally accepted during the enrolment process at the “Account Activation” stage and that only the Account Activation will make the commitments valid and will transform these conditions into a tripartite contract.

The Customer is informed that the language used to communicate with IPS Payment / MoneyTigo is French and English.


The terms used in these Terms and Conditions shall, when used with the first letter capitalized and regardless of whether they are used in the singular or plural, have the meanings defined below:

Buyer: Refers to a consumer who wishes to make a purchase of a good or payment for a service by Bank Card from Merchant and whose name is listed on the Bank Card used.

APPLICATION: Refers to the mobile interface developed by IPS Payment / MoneyTigo and the smartphone application allowing the customer to accept a payment using their smartphone.

ASSOCIATION: Refers to any organization of persons united for a common purpose and having legal personality.

ACCOUNT or BALANCE: Refers to the total amount available in the Customer’s account at a time T. This amount is the sum of the credits to the Customer’s account, from which are subtracted the debits to the account made by the Customer as well as any fees, taxes and commissions that may have been applied.

BANK CARD: Means a means of payment in the form of a plastic card corresponding to the specifications of a Bank Card Network whose logo is indicated on said Bank Card. The list of Bank Card Networks accepted by IPS Payment / MoneyTigo is present on the site. The buyer is the holder of the Bank Card.

CVV2 or CVC: Refers to the CVV2 code (or visual cryptogram), it is a three or four digit number, associated with each Bank Card. It is an additional security feature designed to provide increased protection against credit card fraud regarding transactions made without using the physical or online Bank Card. This code is typically listed on the back of the Bank Card.

CLIENT or MERCHANT: Means any natural person of legal age or legal entity (company or association) acting for the purpose of its professional activity and having correctly filled in the information in the Special Terms and Conditions and accepted these General Terms and Conditions in order to be able to open a bank account and an IPS Payment / MoneyTigo – EME Account, in accordance with the identification instructions listed in article 3.2 of these General Terms and Conditions.

VERIFIED CUSTOMER or CUSTOMER: means the customer who has provided the information mentioned in Article 5.1 of these General Terms and Conditions and validated by IPS Payment / MoneyTigo and the EME.

COMMERCE: Refers to any transaction made by a buyer with a Merchant for products or services that the Merchant offers.

PAYMENT ACCOUNT OR ACCOUNT: Refers to the IPS Payment / MoneyTigo Account maintained by EME on behalf of the Customer and used for the purpose of executing payment transactions. The Account shall in no way be considered as a deposit account.

BANK ACCOUNT: Refers to the Customer’s bank account, filled in by the Customer at the time of registration, validated by IPS Payment / MoneyTigo and the EME and used to receive funds during a transfer.

Refers to the account opened by the Customer on the IPS Payment / MoneyTigo website or Application as well as all the information he/she has filled in and which constitute the Special Conditions and to which is associated his/her identifier. The IPS Payment / MoneyTigo – EME Account shall not be subject to any overdraft, advance, credit or discount.

GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE: Means these general terms and conditions of use entered into between IPS Payment / MoneyTigo, EME and the Customer.

SPECIFIC TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Refers to the online form to be filled out by the Customer when registering on the site and containing the information necessary to conclude the present, relating in particular to his name, first name, date of birth, valid email address, password and information concerning the Customer.

PURCHASE CONFIRMATION: Refers to the transaction confirmation notification channel, automatically sent to the buyer by IPS Payment / MoneyTigo. This confirmation includes the elements related to the purchase: merchant account, amount paid, date and time.

PAYMENT CONFIRMATION (or PAYMENT NOTIFICATION): Refers to the email or message displayed in the payment confirmation application or site, sent to the Customer by IPS Payment / MoneyTigo. This message reminds the Customer of the essential elements of the transaction with its reference number.

CONTRACT: Refers to both the General Terms of Use and the Special Terms.

EXPIRY DATE: Refers to the date indicated on the Buyer’s Bank Card at which it will no longer be active.

Company: Refers to any Customer who operates his professional activity in the form of a company (SARL, SAS…) who subscribes to the solution by registering the legal entity.

EQUIPMENT:Refers to the computer, telephone or other equipment that the Customer uses to access the service, including in particular computers, cell phones and tablets.

TRANSACTION FEES: Means the percentage charged by IPS Payment / MoneyTigo and EME on the transactions received, as compensation for its services and those of its partners.

MANAGEMENT FEES AND USAGE LIMITS: Means the fees and usage limits applicable to the Customer’s or Merchant’s use of the IPS Payment / MoneyTigo service.

IDENTIFIER: Refers to the data necessary for the identification of the Customer by the EME and by IPS Payment / MoneyTigo consisting of a valid email address and a password.

TRANSACTION ID (ID): Identification reference issued by IPS Payment / MoneyTigo and the EME designating information about a transaction, including the amount paid and the payee of the payment.

INDEMPLOYED: Refers to any Customer who operates his professional activity as a self-employed person and therefore registers as a natural person to the solution (self-employed profession, self-employed home seller, self-employed…).

OPENING DAY: Means a calendar day excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays in Metropolitan France and England, and in the host country indicated in the Special Conditions, during which the payment infrastructures of these countries and the Banks used carry out their activities in regular operation.

PAYMENT TRANSFER: Means a periodic or one-time transfer, ordered by the Customer or any authorized agent for this purpose, to his bank account.

ORDER: Means the instruction given by the Customer to IPS / MoneyTigo and the EME, in accordance with the procedure set forth in these General Terms and Conditions of Use in order to execute a payment transaction.

PRODUCT: Means information, goods or services offered for sale by a Merchant.

REFUND: Means the transaction by which a Merchant makes a refund to one of its buyers. At the Merchant’s request, the amount of the refund will be debited from the available assets in the Merchant’s Account for credit to the Merchant’s buyer’s Bank Card.

BANK CARD NETWORK: Refers to an organization that defines the rules for the use of Bank Cards on its network. These rules are available on the websites of each of the networks: for example or or

CUSTOMER SERVICE OR IPS SUPPORT: Refers to the platform in charge of managing activation, complaints or information from Cardholders and reachable from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (French time) from Monday to Friday by messaging via the following contact form: or by mail at the following postal address: 10 Rue de Penthièvre 75008 Paris, France.

SITE: Refers to the or or or * website.
Company: means IPS International as defined in the preamble hereto.

SOLUTION or SERVICE IPS Payment / MoneyTigo: Refers to the payment solutions provided by IPS Payment / MoneyTigo for the benefit of a Professional Customer (individual or legal entity) and relying on the website, application and all services provided by IPS Payment / MoneyTigo as described in Article 1 of the General Terms of Use.

TRANSACTION STATUS: Refers to the real-time status of a transaction.

TRANSACTION: Transactions that have been paid by Bank Card to Customer through the IPS solution for the purchase of a product or service by a buyer.

TRANSFER: Means the request by a Customer for a transfer of all or part of the assets available in his IPS PAYMENT / MoneyTigo Account.

VISITOR: Refers to the non-user Internet user who visits the website of

HOLDER: Refers to the person who makes a transaction on the IPS Payment / MoneyTigo payment page.

USER: Refers to the visitor who is registered on the website

PAYER: Refers to the Internet user who has made a banking transaction, by Credit Card or otherwise.

COLLECTION ACCOUNT: Refers to the customer area assigned to each user of the website upon registration and in which all refused, accepted or refunded collection operations and outpayment operations as well as all other financial operations can be found.

CASHIN: Refers to the transaction coming to the credit of the account, regardless of the type of payment method; may also refer to transactions such as credit notes, refunds, unpaid coming to the debit of the account.

EME: Refers to the financial organization as the electronic money institution.


These General Terms of Use (GTU) detail the conditions under which IPS Internationnal offers access to its services. Thus, they describe the entirety of the reciprocal obligations between the company IPS INTERNATIONNAL, the visitors, the holders and the users of the site.

The GCU are applicable during the entire period of use of the website.

The titles of the various articles of these GTU are purely indicative and do not necessarily determine with precision the content of the articles to which they refer.


By using the site, the visitor, payer, bearer or user declares to have full legal capacity to use the IPS Payment / MoneyTigo services and undertakes to use these services only for lawful purposes and in accordance with good morals.


We remind you that, according to the legislation in force, any remote transaction can be contested, and this, during the thirteen (13) months following the date of authorization. The amount of the dispute is deducted directly from the balance of the account held at IPS Payment / MoneyTigo. In case of a debit balance on the account held at IPS Payment / MoneyTigo, the disputed amount and fees will be deducted from the linking bank account indicated by the user.


Registration on the website is mandatory in order to create a cash-out account, benefit from a bank transfer, make a refund and participate in all the events of the site, its linked services and partners. However, it is not necessary to be registered to make a payment.

To become a user or paying carrier, it is necessary to fill out the registration form accessible from the page dedicated to this purpose when creating the account. Registration requires acceptance of these TOS. When registering, the visitor guarantees the accuracy of the data he/she provides. Once the form is completed, the user will receive a login and a password, the registration will be completed by sending documents.

The user is solely responsible for his/her login details, consisting of a username and a password, and the use of his/her Cash Out Account. IPS Payment / MoneyTigo shall not be liable for the consequences of the use of a user’s credentials by a third party and/or the loss of his credentials by a user.


At the time of opening your collection account, you will be required to enter summary information, namely KYC registration.

For a “BUSINESS” user, two grades exist, KYC 1, KYC 2. The KYC1 grade is automatic and allows you to make collections of up to 250 € without exceeding 2500 € over the last twelve (12) months. The KYC2 grade is obtained by completing the automatic identification procedure on your IPS space and by attaching proof of the existence of your structure (Kbis or equivalent), proof of identity, proof of address and proof of RIB/IBAN of your professional account or account used for professional purposes. This will allow you to cash in up to €10,000,000 per month without having a credit balance exceeding €10,000,000.

– BUSINESS (Business Account)

  • Proof of identity: (identity card, passport or residence permit), valid
  • Proof of registration: (Kbis, D1P, certificate of registration or equivalent of a European register…), less than 3 Months in French or English language.
  • Proof of incorporation: The equivalent of your statutes for a company
  • Proof of effective activity : Your latest accounting and/or tax return, for new activities a financial forecast for the year.
  • Proof of bank account : (Rib, Bank information…), must mention the iban, in the name of your company and opened with a “CREDIT” type institution.
  • Proof of address : (electricity, gas, telephone, rent receipt …), less than 3 Months in the name and address of the official establishment present on the registration document of your structure.

* Please note that for entrepreneurs in their own name (Auto entrepreneur, self-employed, etc., the documents must correspond to your physical identity).

At the end of all stages of validation, IPS Payment / MoneyTigo will have the following information about you: name of your structure, registration number, country of registration, last name, first name, date of birth, email, phone number, nationality, your full tax address and residence and your IBAN , confirmed by supporting documents that you have transmitted (proof of your registration, proof of identity, proof of address, IBAN issued by the bank (RIB)).

RATE CONDITIONS (rate + fixed fee)

We offer default rates starting at 0.9% per transaction + €0.16 per transaction. On the other hand, fixed rates are offered, and this is in the form of offers that will be visible on the pricing page; the rates are acquired during the entire life of the account. However, the rates are ALWAYS subject to change, depending on the study of your activity. Indeed, depending on several factors, and after your agreement, the rate per transaction may be subject to revision upwards or downwards (if you request it). IPS Payment / MoneyTigo will always try to find the right compromise in order to offer you a solution.

Please note that when you open your account, the rate is not fixed. Indeed, it is only after you send us your documents that IPS INTERNATIONAL will study your file. It is only at this moment that IPS INTERNATIONNAL will adjust the rate according to your activity, and this, without needing your authorization (this will be the only time when it will be possible). Indeed, IPS INTERNATIONNAL cannot know in advance the risk presented by your activity without having the necessary elements. If, after study, it turns out that the pricing was not adapted, the entirety of the past transactions will then be retroactive.

In addition, when you register, you must declare your activity and answer our questions. If it turns out that the information transmitted does not conform to reality, IPS INTERNATIONNAL may proceed, and this without your authorization, to readjust the pricing of your account with a retroactive character.


In addition to the pricing regarding transactions, certain fees, usually caused by an account anomaly, exist namely:

  • ChargeBack European card : 42 € **
  • ChargeBack card outside Europe : 108€ **
  • Mastercard penalty : Penalty* + 1% € Excl VAT
  • Visa penalty : Penalty* + 1% € Excl VAT
  • Penalty for other networks or institutions : Penalty* + 1% € Excl VAT
  • Irregularity fee : 18 € (per irregular transaction) **
  • Manual intervention fees: 18 € (per intervention) **
  • Unpaid insurance : 0,4 % / trans (if subscribed)
  • Fees for the sale of illegal products: 50% per illegal transaction
  • Dormant account > 90 days : 12 € Excl VAT / month
  • Account statement (PAPER) : 54 € Excl VAT / statement
  • CGU’S warning (non-compliance) : 250 € Excl VAT
  • Closing of account CGU’S (non respect) : 500 € Excl VAT
  • Response to simple judicial requisition: 150 € Excl VAT
  • Response to detailed judicial requisition: 1500 € Excl VAT
  • Judicial representation (hearing) : 1500 € Excl VAT
  • Judicial representation (criminal or civil) : 7500 € Excl VAT
  • Judicial representation (Cassation) : 9000 € Excl VAT
  • Rejection of a transfer : 18 € ** (without VAT)
  • Research of an operation : 15 € Excl VAT
  • Certificate of operation (certified) : 15 € Excl VAT
  • Certificate of good conduct (certified) : 99 € Excl VAT
  • Response to a bank RFI request : 35 € Excl VAT**
    *If no penalty but an administrative and/or banking sanction: 1% = 1% of the turnover of the last 6 months
    **VAT not applicable to financial operations (A261C CGI)
    *** VAT is not applicable to traders located outside France


As a merchant and depending on your turnover, you are likely to benefit from personalized pricing with your account manager.

This commits you in terms of turnover and you must maintain this same turnover (+/-15%) throughout the duration of your contract in order to benefit from the exceptional pricing agreed upon.

If we find that you are no longer fulfilling the terms and conditions agreed upon with your Account Executive, MoneyTigo reserves the right to terminate the business relationship without notice, as such conduct will be considered a breach of these Terms and Conditions.

In addition, it will be possible (not systematic) for MoneyTigo to retroactively value, without prior notice, all months of transactional flows that no longer meet the agreed conditions and this in relation to the initial rate of your account without being able to exceed this initial rate, depending on the case moneytigo may just apply a flat penalty that can not exceed the amount you would have paid if you had not had this special offer (in normal conditions).

To avoid this type of situation, we invite you to inform MoneyTigo of any changes in your activity and/or habits.

** This failure may be noted as soon as the average of your flow over the last three months of collection shows a significant regression, considered as abnormal and of at least 15% compared to the projection noted.

*** This deficiency will not be noted when the estimate of the figure was based on forecasts and not on actual figures, but a review of your conditions will be systematically carried out after 3 Months without responsiveness.

Payment conditions

Each payment account is automatically set up to transfer, every 7 days, your funds to your bank account. This happens automatically. Depending on the study of your file, you will be able to change the payment period yourself directly from your management space, in the “bank details” section.
You can choose between a daily payment, three (3) times a week, once (1) a week, every fifteen (15) days or once (1) a month. It’s up to you!

Transfers are transmitted nightly at 9:00 p.m. to the transfer collection system and are processed the next day at 12:00 a.m. by the SEPA transmission system.


By default, each IPS / MoneyTigo payment account is not subject to this type of restriction. We, in fact, consider such restriction is not justified. However, if we believe that your financial history, business criteria or research on your business shows that there is a risk, we will apply a Rolling Reserve. This is a minimum of 5% for a minimum period of thirty (30) days. Because we believe this is applicable on a case-by-case basis, the rate terms and retention periods will be negotiated directly with you and will be the subject of an amendment to this Agreement.

If your account is subject to a security hold, we will open a second account called a “suspense account” for which you will have the same access as your primary account, but for which no debit transactions will be possible.

Because we believe that repression is not necessarily useful and we are a team of entrepreneurs, except in cases of serious breach of various legislations, we prefer to prevent and opt for solutions of accompaniment, With IPS Payment / MoneyTigo we will always negotiate solutions tailored to your business.


Secure payment is not the only guarantee expected by a payer during a transaction. As part of its quality charter, IPS Payment / MoneyTigo ensures that its customers (merchants) are aware of and effectively implement the following guidelines:

You acknowledge that no activity related to the services below may be offered for sale with the assistance of the IPS Payment / MoneyTigo payment system, and that you are not bound to these activities:

  • Terrorism financing
  • Unlawful sale of hardware, software
  • Selling pornographic and/or pedophilic service
  • Sale of counterfeit or copyright infringing product.
  • Selling services related to online betting and lotteries or gambling without holding the necessary authorizations (license) from a European regulatory authority.
  • Selling weapons, drugs (Except CBD) or regulated pharmaceuticals without authorization
  • Selling chemicals without authorization
  • Deceptive or aggressive business practices
  • You agree not to promote services or link to sites related to pornography, pedophilia, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, racism, gambling, including betting, lotteries and any other form of gambling outside of legal gambling and having the necessary authorizations to operate in the European Union.

To learn more about accepted risk activities, click here

Failure to comply with the above requirements may be grounds for breach of contract.

You agree not to make any credit card transaction through the IPS Payment / MoneyTigo service to your own collection account for any purpose and not to engage in financial cavalry, a fraudulent and prohibited method.

Failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions of Sale and Use may result in the closure of your IPS Payment / MoneyTigo collection account; all funds held by IPS Payment / MoneyTigo will be blocked and placed in escrow for an indefinite period.

In addition, depending on your activity, and if IPS INTERNATIONNAL deems your activity to be close to certain prohibited, IPS INTERNATIONNAL may require you to sign a certificate of good standing.


When desired, the user can consult his collection account from his customer area. To access the account, the user must enter his login and password. To obtain the transfer of the collected amounts, the user must transmit his bank details and a direct debit authorization which serves to guarantee the collected amounts in case of unpaid bills. The organizer is responsible for the data he gives to IPS Payment / MoneyTigo for the purpose of a transfer. IPS Payment / MoneyTigo shall not be liable for any incorrect information given by the user for the transfer and reserves the right to charge a rejection fee.

In accordance with European Union regulations on the fight against money laundering, IPS Payment / MoneyTigo is required to make a strong identification of its users who collected funds. For amounts exceeding €2,500 per calendar year or €250 per month, the user must proceed with the final validation of the collection account and provide supporting documents for its activity in accordance with the article “Limits and supporting documents” of these Terms and Conditions.

IPS Payment / MoneyTigo may proceed to the same identification of any user for whom it deems necessary to act in the context of the fight against money laundering.
The user agrees to declare all sums collected by the service of IPS Payment / MoneyTigo to the tax authorities.


The user can request the termination of his account. To do so, he must inform the termination service by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the address of IPS Internationnal (specified in the preamble of the present). After a maximum period of thirty (30) days, and without any cancellation fees, the cancellation is effective. The user will then no longer have access to his personal space and will no longer be able to administer the account he has created. However, he/she will be able to download the transaction history.

If there are still amounts collected but not paid out at the closing date, IPS Internationnal (IPS Payment / MoneyTigo) reserves the right not to pay them out for a period of thirty (30) days to an indefinite period, covering the period of possible disputes or proceedings. The amounts collected shall constitute a due and payable debt in view of the dispute period provided for in the Payment Services Directive. At the end of this period, the sums will be paid out only to the same and sole holder of the IPS Payment / MoneyTigo account and to the same and sole holder of the bank account linked to the IPS Payment / MoneyTigo account and to the benefit of an account opened with a credit institution.


In case of breach of these TOU by a user, IPS Payment / MoneyTigo reserves the right to suspend or deregister his account, immediately and without notice.

The deregistration of an account carries the same effects as its termination except that closure fees will be considered as well as the freezing of assets for an indefinite period of time depending on the violation found.


It is possible that as a payer, user, visitor, merchant, customer, we may collect your data to carry out targeted advertising campaigns. If you do not wish to receive marketing communications from us or participate in our personalized advertising programs, please click “do not receive newsletters” when you visit our site or uncheck the TOS at checkout. In case you receive a targeted campaign from IPS Payment / MoneyTigo that you no longer wish to receive, click on the “unsubscribe upon receipt” link or follow the instructions in the communication or advertisement in question.

IPS Payment / MoneyTigo will not sell or rent your personal information to third parties for advertising purposes without your explicit consent and will only disclose such information in specific instances and for the purposes described in these Terms of Use. Specifically, you agree and instruct IPS Payment to disclose your information to third parties such as tax authorities, police or gendarmerie or any other official agency upon official request or to any other agency in the banking, criminal or legal context.


IPS Payment / MoneyTigo ensures that every effort is made to ensure secure access to the website, but cannot be held responsible for any difficulties in accessing the site or for any occasional malfunctions of the site as its operation depends in part on factors that IPS Payment / MoneyTigo does not control.

IPS Payment / MoneyTigo reserves the right to suspend access to the site for maintenance. Also, IPS Payment / MoneyTigo may, when deemed appropriate, modify the site to improve its services.

IPS Payment / MoneyTigo does not guarantee that the Site will function on all browsers, operating systems, software configurations and computer equipment used. In case of incompatibility, however, you are invited to contact customer service by email via the contact page.


In the event of a dispute with one or more users or visitors to the site, the liability of IPS Payment / MoneyTigo, regardless of the basis, motivation and form of the action, will be limited to the damages suffered.


The nullity, lapse, lack of binding force or unenforceability of any of the stipulations of these TOU shall not entail the nullity, lapse, lack of binding force or unenforceability of the other stipulations, which shall retain all their effects.


Any dispute or claim relating to:

  • A malfunction of the website;
  • An error in the execution of a payment;
  • An error in the execution of a refund;
  • An error in making a transfer;
  • Or any other error;

Must be immediately notified to IPS Payment/MoneyTigo by the user, by email from the contact page of this site.

IPS Payment / MoneyTigo Merchant and the bank card holder, Merchant’s customer acknowledge that each bank card transaction represents a definite, liquid and due debt that will remain payable, on any grounds whatsoever.

The merchant and the cardholder authorize IPS Payment / MoneyTigo to offset at any time or to collect, including after the closure of the account, any definite, liquid and payable debt that would remain due, for whatever reason with the sums available on the IPS Payment / MoneyTigo accounts, on the bank account of the merchant and the cardholder without limiting the means of recovery of the debt.


IPS Payment / MoneyTigo may amend these Terms and Conditions of Use at any time without notice. Changes will be effective upon posting on the Site at .

Continued use by users or visitors of the Website implies their adherence to the latest published version of the TOU.

The TOS was last modified on March 24, 2021.


These TOS are governed by French law. Except in case of application of a mandatory law (which will apply only to the strict extent of its purpose), it is expressly stipulated that in case of dispute related to the interpretation, validity and consequences of these GTU, and in the absence of prior amicable solution, the courts of Paris will have sole jurisdiction.

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